Advanced Genome Interpretation Suite (AGIS) is a Clinical Data Analysis Platform for Analyzing and Interpreting Clinically Relevant Sequence information from Human Genomes. AGIS uses powerful algorithms to report precise Disease Causing Mutations. AGIS's algorithms are designed to provide information in a fast yet accurate manner. AGIS inputs Sequence Reads and outputs mutation analysis reports.

AGIS combines powerful Analysis Algorithms and Verified Genome Functional Data to give the user Actionable and Clinically significant Variants. AGIS's report would include Physician Tailored Summaries as well as Detailed Analysis.

Human Genome Variation Database (HGVD) is an in house database curated and maintained by Leucine Rich Bio™. The database provides functional information, mutation impact on disease, drug response and variant impact on protein structure and functions. HGVD is tailored to provide variant information to AGIS.

AGIS runs on the Cloud, is secure and provides storage for Variants. Some of the main functions and features of AGIS are mentioned below:

Key Features


It is recognised that variant calling algorithms vary slightly in variant detection. Hence AGIS uses two variant calling algorithms to identify variants. In this way AGIS tries to maximise the potential of each individual algorithm. The primary algorithm is used is Wellcome Trust's Platypus. The secondary algorithm used is Leucine Rich Bio in-house developed algorithm to call variants. Both algorithms have been extensively tested for sensitivity and specificity of human data.


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