Leucine Rich Bio Private Limited is a Bioinformatics driven Genome Data Analysis company in Bangalore, India. We use advances in the area of Computer Science, Information Science, Data Management, Statistics and Systems Biology to solve complex problems in Genomics. We help Clinics, Diagnostics, Pharma, Biotech and Academia in solving complex problems in Genomics & Systems Biology.

We are actively seeking enthusiastic individuals who have the passion for Health & Life Science. At Leucine Rich Bio you will be encouraged to think out of the box to develop new and innovative solutions. We are actively seeking to expand our team and we are looking for candidates with:

  • MD/PhD in Genetic Counselling
  • Masters/PhD in Bioinformatics
  • Masters/PhD in Genetics
  • Masters/PhD in Bio-statistics
  • Masters/PhD in Plant Sciences
  • Masters/PhD in Microbiology
  • Python Developers
  • UI Developers

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