Consultancy Projects

Consultancy Projects

Integration of data from heterogeneous and voluminous data sources has become significantly complicated. In order to fully and efficiently exploit the huge and readily available biological data efficient and high computational power is the need of the hour. As acquisition of genomic data becomes increasingly cost-efficient, genomic data sets are accumulating at an exponential rate and new types of genetic data are emerging.

Leucine Rich Bio is a bioinformatics driven organization. The management team has 30+ years of combined experience in drug discovery, bioinformatics, molecular biology and a deep understanding of the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industry. We provide our clients an amalgamation of our bioinformatics understanding and life science industry to develop unique solutions to questions that today’s bio-science industry is seeking..

Some custom case studies,

  • Host-Pathogen protein networking to understand disease – A heuristic model is developed using protein-protein interaction and system biology approaches.
  • Pan database cancer study – A pan database cancer study using machine learning, language processing and pan database curation effort is initiated to answer key queries in this study.

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