"LeucineRichBio has been a great support for my genomic research. We got a very good value for money as compared to our US vendors. Additionally, their turnaround time and quick understanding of our requirements has been remarkable. We were able to submit grant applications in time because of their meticulous and prompt services”

Dr Abhinav Dey
ALSF Young Investigator
Emory University
Atlanta, USA

“Leucine Rich Bio did a very professional job, while analysing the results of a high throughput microarray differential expression analysis experiment, which we performed previously. For some unknown reason we were not able to validate a major part of the results from the previous analysis, performed by the service provider. However, after reanalysis of the raw data by Leucine Rich Bio we have been able to validate a very high number of the candidate microRNAs that show differential expression. I would highly recommend the bioinformatics skill of the Leucine Rich Bio team."

Dr. Sankar Bhattacharyya,
Translational Health Science and Technology Institute

"I am very impressed with the professional service provided by Leucine Rich Bio. Not only did LRB deliver the results in time but also the content of the report was fabulous. I would surely recommend LRB for all data analysis based projects. It was also satisfactory to get a well organised, systematically worked out and a highly technical report provided by LRB with simplistic interpretations of the results /outputs also provided that helped me to go ahead with my further extrapolations in my project. Good job indeed!"

Dr.Abhishek Mohanty,

"Our association with Leucine Rich Bio has been of great assistance in the analysis of RNA sequencing data. The vast amount of data obtained by RNA sequencing was analysed and provided in a concise, lucid and meaningful form within a very short time frame. This will help us in shortlisting the most appropriate miRNAs and their targets for future validations."

Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Biology, IISc

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Leucine Rich Bio. We have had a set of microarray raw data analyzed, and the analysis has been immensely fruitful. Analysis was done exactly how it was desired, along with all the important pathways involved, as well as the protein-protein interactions etc. Post data analysis support was absolutely wonderful. The response has always been quick and helpful. All the desired analytics were provided, that too within the promised time frame. There has been great interaction with the concerned person performing the analysis, so that, the basic questions which were sought after in the experiment were properly answered. Again, it has been an absolute pleasure availing your esteemed service, and we look forward to doing the same in near future. Wishing you all the very best!""

Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Biology, IISc

"We are very excited in using the services of LeucineRich Bio which not only did a good job in analyzing one of the publicly available RNA-seq dataset as per our research need, but also very patiently answered our post analysis queries and took us through the analysis pipeline. Thanks to Leucine Rich Bio.

Soumen Chakraborty, Ph.D.
Dept. of Gene Function and Regulation, Institute of Life Sciences

"I am thrilled to write about the genome report that Leucine Rich Bio prepared for me. Although, I had the report earlier by another US based company yet Leucine Rich Bio’s report brought out relevant information that was not addressed by the previous company. It is also heartening to see an Indian genomics focused company coming out with novel features in their data analytics. The people running this company are highly educated and aware of recent advances in this rapidly advancing field. Clinical Genomics is the future of medicine and healthcare especially personalized medicine and Leucine Rich Bio is standing at the cusp of that revolution. I wish them all the best!"

Dr. Shabnam Das Kar, MD, FMNM
Specialist in Functional & Metabolic Medicine.
American Board Certified in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. Director Medical Education,[BETTER] Medical Centre,Canada & India


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