Transcriptome Analysis


Transcriptome Sequencing analyses provide information to detect novel transcribed regions, splice events and additional promoters and exons. Transcript annotation studies also help to analyze the impact of transcriptional complexity on current models of key signaling pathways. Next Generation Sequencing can also provide information on aberrant transcription events, like pseudogenes, fusion genes, and genome rearrangements. However, the greatest advantage is to decipher quantitative gene expression profile.

Our proprietary pipeline caters to both,

De Novo Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis – for organisms whose genome is not or partially sequenced.

Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis – for organisms whose genome is fully sequenced.
Our reports are ‘research friendly’ that help simplify even the complex data for further analysis at the research’ end. Results are delivered via a secure FTP site or are shipped on a portable hard drive depending upon the size of the dataset.

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