Genetic variations ubiquitously defines everything from an individual’s phenotypic characteristics to one’s predisposition to complex diseases and in entirety, the whole population structure. As tools to systematically sieve, catalog and comprehend such genetic variations, construction of reliable databases has been very essential. The requirement for such databases have further expanded because of our ability to correlate these genetic variations to key disease manifestations. Further, the growing number of disease variations, due to expanding utility of next generation sequencing technology, have placed all biological databases at the cornerstone of computing environment and have made the task of creating and maintaining such databases critical and challenging.

LRB-'VRies' (Variation Repositories) is one such effort for expanding the knowledge base of all the human genetic variations, in an attempt to gather and validate the variation data, with specific objective to aid the process of establishing the strength of relationships between genes and diseases. The name LRB-'VRies' was coined as a tribute to the Dutch botanist and geneticist, Hugo Marie de Vries (February 16, 1848 – May 21, 1935), recognized for proposing the concept of genes, coining the term "mutation", and for developing the mutation theory of evolution. LRB-'VRies' is a corporate-domain archive, maintained at Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd, comprising a broad collection of human genetic variations involving the whole spectrum of common phenotypes and diseases.

LRB-'VRies' is an early 2014 initiative, to support the “Advanced Genome Interpretation Suite (AGIS)”, a clinical data analysis platform for analyzing and interpreting clinically significant sequence information from human genomes, developed at Leucine Rich Bio. Analysis through AGIS typically involves, but not limited to, functional mapping and pharmacogenomic associations between variations and diseases, which will be enabled by the comprehensive repertoire of LRB-'VRies'.


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