Clinics And Diagnostics

Clinics And Diagnostics

In this era of personalized/precision medicine, fast and accurate diagnosis is key for proper prognosis and treatment of diseases. We at Leucine Rich Bio understand the relevance and scope of NGS data that can deliver meaningful and actionable information to diagnostic companies and clinicians.

NGS technologies are able to detect all kinds of sequence variants in a single experiment, including SNVs, InDels and SVs, providing investigators access to a large spectrum of de-novo and rare inherited variant (those with frequencies <1%> mutations, which are often omitted in standard genotyping panels.

We analyze and interpret human genome data to provide a comprehensive view of the Mutations. The variants are ranked to best match the disease or phenotype in question. Our reports provide clear information on actionable and clinically relevant gene mutation and variation. Variants are also analysed to report drug response and pharmacogenomic data.

We curate information from various databases and also use our own manually curated and regularly updated database, LRB-HGVD to unearth the role of mutations in disease and drug response. All information is validated thoroughly and cross checked for clinical relevance.

For Clinicians
We understand how important it is for a clinician to diagnose and provide the best in class treatment to the patients. Our quick and efficient clinical friendly report would help in better diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. We are also open to collaboration where we would take care of all the bioinformatics challenges of the data analysis and help in the understanding of the disease in a proper clinical setting. We can also collaborate to design ‘disease and population specific’ panels for research and or diagnostics. For more information please get in touch.

For Diagnostic companies
We are in the cusp of a major breakthrough in the way people would get diagnosed. Companion diagnostics and panel based assays are bringing in newer challenges to the clinic. We would be glad to partner with a partner diagnostic company that can provide these assays to the patients. Our proprietary algorithm (AGIS) along with our manually curated database (LRB-HGVD) can be licensed to prospective partners. We can also support the back-end bioinformatics related data analysis so that our diagnostic partner can focus totally on sequencing and catering to the patients’ needs. We can also collaborate to design ‘disease and population specific’ panels for diagnostics. For more information please get in touch.

For Clinical research organizations / Pharmacological organizations
As NGS is changing the clinical trial landscape, we as an organization can aid such companies in proper data analysis. If a patient has failed conventional therapy, NGS can be immensely helpful for identifying and enrolling them into an appropriate clinical trial. There are two types of clinical trial structure that require patients to have their tumors’ genetic makeup well defined by NGS.

Umbrella Trials
Patients with a type of morphologically defined cancer are assigned to a treatment arm on the basis of the genetic mutations detected in their tumor. Umbrella trials comprise many different treatment arms under the umbrella of a single trial.

Basket Trials
Cancers of different types are clustered exclusively by genetic mutation.

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Advancement in Sequencing Technology are helping Clinicians make the right Diagnosis in patients. From ambiguous tumors to rare genetic conditions, genomic information is adding value in Diagnosis. Leucine Rich Bio augments diagnosis from genomics data by accurately compiling a list of actionable mutations. The mutations are ranked to best explain the phenotype in question.



Clinical Sequencing of Human Genome is helping Doctors unearth the Genetic Condition of their patients. There are many gene mutations that could explain the condition presented. Leucine Rich Bio provides a robust system of evaluation to predict precisely the causal genetic variant.



Pharmacogenomics is playing a big role in selecting the right therapeutic. The question of which drug and at what dosage is being answered through sequencing technologies. Leucine Rich Bio provides comprehensive reports detailing the response of drugs based on an individual's genome. Our reports will guide clinicians to choose the right Theranostic approach.

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