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We understand the heightened interest among research, clinical and lay communities in understanding the effects of the microbiome on health and wellness. Patients and clinicians alike, are keen to understand whether modifying the microbiome can provide a prophylactic or therapeutic avenue for various disease conditions and improve wellness to any significant level.

Despite an abundance of research reports, on microbiome in human health and wellness, actual clinical data are sparse. Even the widespread use of probiotics among general public is not currently supported by randomized controlled trial data.

We at Leucine Rich Bio understand the criticality of bridging this void. We understand the immediate requirement for clinical programs that are comprehensive and bring together investigators from various disciplines, to move this exciting yet challenging field forward through the next decade.

In efforts toward this endeavor, we have collaborated with Healing Hands Clinic, Asia's foremost proctology clinic, specializing in many gut related issues. Their emphasis on non-invasive treatment options for constipation, with renewed focus on probiotic treatment options.

We are committed to expand this opportunity with Healing Hands Clinic and are open for such essential collaborations. ntly predisposed diseases, significantly improve his/her health and work towards establishing a balanced gut health and overall wellness.

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