Discovery Engine

Leucine Rich Bio’s Discovery Engine integrates all the technology platforms conceptualized and compiled for microbiome and genome program. This discovery engine integrates all individual components of microbiome program (MetaRich, Microbyte, NutriBite), along with components of genomics program (AGIS, VRies, HGVD and Callisto), to derive context specific characterization and interpretation of the data. We have built a novel scoring system that is supplemented by a set of curated reconstructions from various databases (VRies, Microbyte, NutriBite), which then is utilized to build an interpretation matrix for reporting, based on associations across these databases and resources. Through this evidence based proprietary scoring system, the engine will be able to perform risk evaluations of disease predispositions (both microbiome and genome based) and suggest nutritional recommendations to restore and sustain health and overall wellness.

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