Leveraging this expanding prospect of microbiomics, we have compiled a robust computational suite, “MetaRich”, for analysis, identification and characterization of metagenomic data in pursuit of discovering biological insights of complex microbial communities and their association with human health and wellness.

We have compiled the MetaRich suite by selecting a combination of best available algorithm(s), most relevant and updated resources (databases) and literature-derived knowledge. Along with integrating a combination of these resources, we have performed a thorough benchmark testing and validation of the suite, as a whole, for sequential and comprehensive analyses of both 16s rRNA (Bacterial and Archaeal), 18s rRNA (Eukaryotes), ITS2 (Fungi-specific) and ShotGun Metagenomics data.

The utility of MetaRich relies in the top-down approach of metagenomics, along with the established bottom-up approach of classical microbiology and organism-level genomics. Our supplementary pipelines involving several exploratory analyses including pathway analysis, evaluation of antibiotic resistance genes, etc., would ensure a comprehensive investigation of any microbiome data.

With MetaRich, our commitment is to simplify the arduous task of large scale metagenomics data analysis, generate the best possible analysis and characterization of the microbiome, enabling us to focus on the critical aspect functional validation of the data into translatable research and / or health & wellness products.

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