PRESS RELEASE: Leucine Rich Bio launches BugSpeaks® Package

Bengaluru, India

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd., South Asia’s first microbiome company has launched South Asia’s first gut microbiome test - BugSpeaks® in a new avatar. The test will now be called as a package that will include a slew of benefits for the consumer. The package highlights the various inclusions that will help the end user get more value for his investment into this one of its kind unique health test. The package not only includes the BugSpeaks test report which provides unique insights into the gut microbiota and actionable recommendation to improve gut health but also addons from partner companies like Nutritatva (healthy foods) and My22BMI (personalized nutritional coaching).

The unique BugSpeaks® microbiome report contains the following insights:-

  • Disease susceptibility (non-diagnostic):
    Gut microbiome has been found to be associated with many diseases. Developed on a patent pending matrix, the report provides an insight on the possible susceptibility of various diseases based on the gut microbiota profile of the individual. This will help the person to take necessary preventive and curative measures and can hence improve the overall health.
  • Personalized nutritional recommendation:
    It is now understood that imbalance in the gut microflora can lead to various diseases. Since food can modulate gut microflora, it is important to translate that knowledge to practise. The report provides personalized nutritional recommendations that are based on the gut microbiota present in an individual. The unique three phase nutritional recommendation can help improve the overall gut health.
  • Supplement recommendation:
    Probiotics and prebiotics are known to improve gut microbiota profile. But having the right ones and in the right quantity can do the trick. The report provides personalized guidance as to which probiotics are actually needed by the individual. We also provide the natural sources of the probiotics, if any.
  • Gut microbiome index (GMI):
    A unique offering based on a patent pending matrix that provides a snapshot of the microbial gut health. Better the score, better is the gut microbial health!

Apart from the above test report with unique insights, the end user will be able to avail the following:-

  • Special discount for Buying healthy food:
    BugSpeaks package will include discount coupons for buying healthy food from Nutritatva. Nutritatva is a new generation food tech company which is into manufacturing of nutritionally balanced food
  • Free consultation and special discount for nutritional diet package:
    My22BMI is an online digital platform for diet and nutritional planning. All BugSpeaks customers will get free consultation and discount on basic nutritional package

Leucine Rich Bio has launched three variants of the package keeping in mind the need for multiple gut microbiome tests for certain end users. The basic package includes all the above benefits and is christened as “Profile Package”. The second package variant is named as “Prospective Package” - This will entail two BugSpeaks® tests in a period of three months post the first test. This will help the customers to monitor the effect of the BugSpeaks® test recommendations and other lifestyle, drug modifications on the gut microbiome profile. The final package variant is called the “Periodic Package”- this is more like a subscription model where the end user will be able to monitor the gut microflora for the entire year and will include four BugSpeaks® tests. Customers who wish to choose Prospective or Periodic packages will get a discount on the BugSpeaks® test pricing.

Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director, Leucine Rich Bio has been invited as a guest speaker in an international webinar organized by Rotary International, Bangladesh. He will be speaking on the topic - "Can microbes in our intestine define our health?".


"Leucine Rich Bio is participating at BioAsia 2020, Hyderabad, India. Please visit us at stall S56 to learn about the exciting developments taking place at LRB and know more about South Asia's first gut microbiome test - BugSpeaks"

Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director, Leucine Rich Bio was invited as a key note speaker at the Synthetic Bio summit organized by Reliance industry. He delivered a lecture on "Microbiome domain, an advance biology for better healthcare, its impact on bioeconomy and challenges in India".


Daivik wellness and LRB sign MoU to promote BugSpeaks

BugSpeaks® - South Asia's first gut microbiome test developed by Leucine Rich Bio will be distributed by well known wellness company Daivik Wellness which also operates Reset wellness centres across India.

"Leucine Rich Bio is in the top 20 list of Indegenous medical devices/Diagnostics companies in India in a survey conducted by Biospectrum magazine with the highest percentage of growth year on year!"

"Leucine Rich Bio has won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan award for Microbiome diagnostic tecnology innovation, 2019"

"Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director, Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd. was an invited speaker at the Direct to consumer meeting held in Mumbai on 1st October 2019. He delivered a talk titled - "Dawn of a new paradigm in healthcare & wellness - Enter the world of gut microbiota"

Leucine Rich Bio and VaidhyaMegha announce partnership to enhance the role of Artificial intelligence, cloud computing features to genomics and big data applications

Leucine Rich Bio, South Asia’s first microbiome company and a pioneer in microbiome and genomics has partnered with VaidhyaMegha, a Bengaluru, India based IT firm focused on health, data, cloud and analytics to bring cutting edge AI, KnowledgeGraph and algorithmic based solutions to genomics and big data application especially pertaining to human health. This partnership will enable the use of the deep knowledge experience and expertise of these individual companies to bring novel solutions.

"SuperStartUp Asia Award 2019."

"Leucine Rich Bio, South Asia’s first microbiome company is the proud winner of SuperStartups Asia 2019 award. Superstartups 2019 is Asia’s largest democratically voted startup award. The award event was held at India Habitat Centre, Delhi on 1st August 2019. We thank everyone including the eminent jury for their support and well wishes!
Leucine Rich Bio now joins the league of other illustrious startups - Byju’s, PhonePe, Droom, Coverfox, NetMeds, Licious and Innov8 who had won this award previously!"


"Leucine Rich Bio collaborates with HCG hospital and Strand life science for an oral microbiome study in cancer."


Leucine Rich Bio, South Asia’s first microbiome company is proud to associate with Dr. Vishal Rao (Head and Neck Surgical Oncologist) from HealthCare Global, one of India’s leading cancer care hospitals, and Strand Life Sciences, to conduct an oral microbiome study in cancer patients. We hope this partnership will help elucidate some key findings that aid understanding Non tobacco oral cancer causes, diagnosis and impact treatment of oral cancer in the future.

"Leucine Rich Bio launched the consumer focused website for its Gut microbiome test - BugSpeaks® (South Asia's First microbiome test) -"

Leucine Rich Bio and NextGen Life Sciences enter into collaboration to market Bug Speaks® in India

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru, India based, South Asia’s first microbiome focused and genomics driven company and NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, another India based company which provides “one stop solution” for unmatched combination of innovative technologies have entered into collaboration where in Leucine Rich Bio’s flagship gut microbiome test Bug Speaks® will be marketed through NextGen Life sciences network in India.

Leucine Rich Bio developed Bug Speaks® has already been launched in India in select metros and is being currently used by gastroenterologists for their patients and people who want to improve their health by analysing their gut microbiota. Bug Speaks® utilizes patent pending algorithm and matrix including in-house curated and developed databases to generate the report which includes nutritional and probiotic recommendation to restore the gut health apart from providing information on gut microbiota and related disease susceptibilities.

NextGen Life Sciences is new generation company serving Science. The company has very good network and is active in wellness domain as well and is also a distributor of many marquee original equipment and reagent manufacturers from across the world. Speaking on this tie up, Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director, Leucine Rich Bio says “this collaboration will help Bug Speaks® to be experienced by more people in India and hopefully will help provide a new paradigm in healthcare and wellness. We also look forward to opportunities to market Bug Speaks® in other South Asian countries in near future”. Dr Nagma Abbasi, Founder & CEO of NextGen Life sciences also reverberates the same opinion “this collaboration will help us to serve towards improvement of human health and wellness in India which makes me very excited about the promising future. We are proud and highly elated to be associated with Leucine Rice Bio to Market this innovative Diagnostic tool Bug Speaks® and be part of this great initiative of improving human health”.

About Leucine Rich Bio

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd. is South Asia’s first microbiome company. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. Since its inception in 2014 the company has pioneered the development and standardization of state-of-the-art analytics tools to analyse and interpret complex genomics data. The company is also “Frost & Sullivan” award recipient (2016) for enabling technology in the cloud enabled genomics industry, Asia Pacific region. The company has launched Bug Speaks®- South Asia’s first gut microbiome test. In house developed and patent pending matrix driven interpretation engine along with in house curated databases drive the Bug Speaks®. Bug Speaks® is also part of India’s first gut microbiome based clinical trial. The key areas the company works are in preventive healthcare and precision medicine

About NextGen Life Sciences

An ISO 9001:2015 certified NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. understands the scientific needs of the customers and brings in the table perfect solutions as the most innovative solution provider. The company bridges the gap in understanding the needs and pains of Indian Researchers of Life Science Industry and helping Scientists and Biotech Leaders to get an insight on the recent innovation and technologies assuring a sound knowledge of the subject matter of the products.

NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. since its inception in 2014 is serving Science and always strived to serve its major objective of being a leader in providing integrated, tailored solutions for life Science Researchers and Scientists. Captivated to be a single source of facility to cater the research needs of scientists in the field of Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Healthcare, Drug Development and more, the company’s ultimate focus is driven to be One stop Solution for serving Life Science and Health care Industry. NextGen Life Sciences Featured among "Top 20 Best Life Science Start-Ups 2018" by Silicon India Magazine and also Featured as “Startup of the Year 2018” by The CEO Magazine.

"Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director, has been invited to attend "Advances in cancer research-An Indo-German Dialogue for Innovation" at Delhi on 19th September 2017.

Leucine Rich Bio and Vittartha Life Science announce collaboration

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru based bioinformatics driven genomics focused company has announced partnership with Vittarthaa Life Sciences, a Drug Discovery and Development company, focused on identifying unmet clinical needs to develop pharmaceuticals molecules.

Leucine Rich Bio has developed cutting edge analysis and interpretation pipelines for next generation sequencing and microarray data. Apart from that the company has provided customized meta-analysis of publicly available data to cater to its client base which is spread across the globe. With strong Systems biology, molecular biology and genomics background the company can provide an umbrella of bio-informatics and other data solutions to its clients.

Vittartha Life Science is a Drug/Product Discovery and Development company, focused on identifying unmet clinical/consumer needs to develop suitable and commercially viable drug/product. All Research programs are based on integrated approach towards target-based discovery strategies and phenotypic screening for end-point evaluation. It is also focused on innovative Discovery and Development approaches for progressing molecules/product into market. The discovery program devises multi-parametric, phenotypic panel assay screening efficacy that are target based and de-risk toxicity at early stages. The company engages the customer at early stages of drug/product development providing suitable platforms for mapping the molecular mechanisms that enable to create program objective, target product profile and outline milestones for go/no-go decisions.

Both the companies have announced collaboration in-order to provide Pharmacuetical/Nutraceutical/Biotechnology companies a combined portfolio of research solutions under one platform. This would enable the potential clients to get maximum benefit for its research projects. Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director, Leucine Rich Bio opines “With our association with Vitthartha we can service the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology companies in a much more focused manner”. Dr Yogananda, Director, Vittartha Life Science also reverberates the same “Today’s global market demands a thorough molecular based approach with clinical evidence based products and drugs. Primary focus and key strengths of both the companies complement each other for today’s discovery and development. This collaboration will be mutually benefits to deliver tailor made precise requirements for every research program”.

Dr. Debjyothi Dhar, Director, was invited for a talk at Chettinad Hospital & Research Institute. He delivered a lecture on “Next Generation Genomics in Research, Clinic and Beyond” on 28th FEB 2017.

Leucine Rich Bio and Pytheos Health Systems announce partnership

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd., a bioinformatics driven genomics company with multi-domain interest in Research, Clinics and Healthcare/wellness has forged partnership with Pytheos Health Systems. Pytheos Health Systems offers scientific wellness and fitness programs (services) for athletes, fitness pros and wellness users. The services are orchestrated over an online digital platform which enables users to visualize, monitor and collaborate with health coaches.

Leucine Rich Bio with its next generation genomics data analytics along with physician friendly clinical/wellness reporting will get a niche clientele over Pytheos health systems platforms. Pytheos operates two portals - focused on cutting edge discovery diagnostics & assessments and which runs end-end goal driven & persona based programs. With Leucine Rich Bio partnership, Pytheos will integrate Exome & Microbiome results to give more accurate and personalised programs to customers.

The alliance will help both the companies to take the advancement in latest technologies to the customers and would help provide a bouquet of personalized services which would help the customer lead a healthy life.

Leucine Rich Bio partners with Gene Express

Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd., a bioinformatics driven genomics company with multi-domain interest in Research, Clinics and Healthcare/wellness has forged partnership with Gene Express Genekit distributors LLP. Gene Express ( is an online platform that provides all genomics services and beyond at one place. Gene express boasts some of the best European and Asian companies in its fold and has solutions for a vide range of healthcare and wellness needs.

Leucine Rich Bio with its next generation genomics data analytics along with physician friendly clinical/wellness reporting will get a niche clientele over Gene Express platform. With Leucine Rich Bio’s addition on to the Gene Express platform, it will provide a bouquet of services to its clients with augmented variety and at the same time can focus on personalized healthcare solutions to the customers.

Leucine Rich Bio’s foray into healthcare and wellness is natural step in the direction of providing novel genomics based solutions to its clients. Both the companies look forward to a mutually rewarding association in years to come.

"Kumar Sankaran, Director, Leucine Rich Bio delivered a talk at "Frontiers in Liver Disease-2016" being held at Bengaluru at Hotel Shangri-La on 20th November.

"Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd. is the award recipient for the 2016 Frost & Sullivan India Award for Enabling Technology in the Cloud-enabled Genomics Industry, APAC",


Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru based bioinformatics driven genomics focused data analysis company has announced partnership with Opex Labs India LLP a Data Platform Software Company.


The two companies would work together to develop and market newer solutions for the genomics market. Both companies’ niche area of operations and complementary capabilities provide a good opportunity to cater to the genomics domain. The Genomics domain needs newer tools which can help improve the data processing speed and better interpretation to make the analysis reliable and less time consuming.

Leucine Rich bio is focused on interpretation of genomics data for clinical and research use. The company uses advances in computer science, information science, data management and systems biology to solve complex problems in genomics. The company has developed cutting edge analytics pipeline called AGIS and has also an in-house curated database of genomic variants called LRB-HGVD that provides functional information, mutation impact on disease, drug response and variant impact on protein structure and functions, with its relevant references. The main emphasis of the company is to provide the clinicians and researchers with relevant and easy to understand actionable genome clinical and ‘biologist friendly’ reports respectively.

Dr Debojyoti Dhar, Director, Leucine Rich Bio has been invited by Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Thiruvananthapuram for PAIR (Promotion of Academic and Industrial Research) seminar and interaction program. He delivered a talk titled - 'Precision Medicine- Dawn of a new Era.

LEUCINE RICH BIO, Shaping the Indian Clinical Genomics landscape. Featured in BioSpectrum India, March 2016, 13th Anniversary Edition, Recreating Silicon Valley.


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