An in-house, in silico validated database integrating current knowledge of gut microbiome, microbial metabolism, disease and nutrition (and in extension foods).

The database is an effort to interlink and integrate these resources in order to establish nutritional associations between gut microbiome, its metabolic pathways and processes to diseases and traits, with the overall objective of formulating a set of dietary recommendations.

We have made extensive efforts to capture and network microbiota, microbial genes, metabolic reactions, metabolites, nutrients, foods and human diseases, in order to reconstruct the associations between human microbiota (composition and abundance) and diseases/trait, with food (nutrients) as a critical function.

The utility of NutriBite largely resides in the devising a customizable dietary recommendation regime, that assists an individual in coping with currently predisposed diseases, significantly improve his/her health and work towards establishing a balanced gut health and overall wellness.

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