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Research in genomics has taken a new turn with the advent of Next Generation Sequencing Technology. Understanding genes on a deep level may help to unlock many of the mysteries surrounding our most intractable diseases, including cancer, heart disease and degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s. One of the main advantages of modern sequencing technologies is that the researchers can actually detect many different types of genetic alterations at once. For researchers in academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, utilizing the advancement in the Next Generation Sequencing technology can lead to early target identification, new genetic lesions associated with disease can be found and overall development times associated with therapeutics and diagnostics to newly identified targets can be significantly shortened.


The cost of sequencing has come down drastically which has led to data deluge. It is important therefore to properly analyze the data to get meaningful results. Researchers from academia and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are utilizing this wealth of information to delve deeper into the biology of normal life and disease.

We at Leucine Rich Bio understand the complexity of the NGS data analysis and would offer our proprietary data analysis platforms to researchers so as to enable discovering and deciphering of the genomic data in a simple, efficient and effective manner.

For Researchers in Academia
In the post-genomic era, new technologies like NGS and microarray have revealed an outbreak of prerequisite genomic sequences and supporting data to understand genome wide functional regulation of gene expression and metabolic pathways reconstruction. However, the availability of this plethora of genomic data presents a significant challenge for storage, analyses and data management. Analysis of this mega-data requires the development and application of novel bioinformatics tools that must include unified functional annotation, structural search and comprehensive analysis and identification of new genes in a wide range of species. We partner with researchers and help them elucidate and interpret the voluminous data in a cost-effective and time bound way. We differentiate ourselves as a company that tries to interpret the data in a “biologist friendly manner”.

For Researchers in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological industries
Our analytical team understands the nuances of research in industry. We can integrate all ‘omics’ data, use machine learning, language processing technologies to integrate and query large data sets to come up with solutions for industry researchers. NGS or microarray data analysis is one of the many offerings that we provide to our industry partners. Get in touch with us for more information or visit our transcriptome, exome, small RNA sequencing analysis, custom projects pages for more details.

Are you a researcher who is looking for more than just analysis? Then you have reached the right place. Please do visit our Consultancy projects page to see what more we can offer!

Just re-analyze your existing NGS/microarray data and see the difference!

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