Small RNA Analysis


Small non-conding RNAs such as small nuclear and small nucleolar RNA, micro RNA (miRNA), and small interfering RNA (siRNA), are not translated into proteins. Several of these ncRNA species, like micro RNAs or small interfering RNAs, are of major interest to transcriptomic research, since they are implicated in post-transcriptional regulation of numerous biological processes. The availability of NGS technologies has led to the discovery of several new species of ncRNAs. In contrast to microarray technologies, NGS has the potential to detect variants in mature small ncRNA length and ncRNA editing. Moreover, NGS technologies enable the profiling of known and novel small RNA genes..


Leucine Rich Bio’s small RNA sequencing analysis platform utilizes powerful algorithms to study these subset of RNA in various organism species.

miRNA Sequencing analysis - The microRNAs (miRNA) constitute one of the largest subsets of the small non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) that are recognized to play key roles in post-transcriptional regulation. They perform their function through cleaving or destabilizing the transcribed mRNA or making the translation of the expressed mRNA least efficient by blocking ribosomal functions, overall sustaining the tightly controlled expression levels of a cell. Profiling the miRNA expression offers an accurate resolution of their regulatory functions, considering their impactful role and recent revelations of their involvement in a dynamic range of disease manifestations and microbial pathogenesis. Since their impact and more importantly their utility is poorly understood, researchers are routinely characterizing miRNAs in pursuit of identifying potential miRNAs which can act as markers of various diseases or their sub-types, with eventual goal of developing an accurate diagnostic or therapeutic tool

In this regard, we have constructed a robust computational pipeline for analysis, identification and interpretation of miRNA data in order to assist researchers in pursuit of discovering potential diagnostic and therapeutic markers. The utility of our pipeline rests in an accurate functional interpretation of a significant set of miRNAs, identified through a comprehensive differential analysis of the expression data, to address questions regarding their transcriptional complexity and regulation. In addition to this, our pipeline can also identify and computationally validate “Novel miRNAs” which can further be validated on a bench top, enabling researchers with opportunities to understand and uniquely target the disease under study. The pipeline surely complements our clinical genomic analysis platforms providing a panoramic understanding of any research problem at hand.ur commitment is to take the arduous task of large scale miRNA data analysis off your plate, provide you with the best possible interpretation, enabling you to focus on the critical aspect functional validation of the data into translatable research.!

At Leucine Rich Bio, our team has tested many algorithms in-house to finally develop a pipeline that provides the best possible analysis for miRNA sequencing.

Our reports are ‘researcher friendly’ that help simplify even the complex data for further analysis at the researchers’ end. Results are delivered via a secure FTP site or are shipped on a portable hard drive depending upon the size of the dataset. Please visit our "Client testimonial " page to see what our valued research clients have been saying


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