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Leucine Rich Bio Private Limited is a Bioinformatics driven company based in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, specializing in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis & Interpretation. Our area of focus is in Human Genome Interpretation, especially for clinical and research use. We use advances in the area of Computer Science, Information Science, Data Management, Statistics and Systems Biology to solve complex problems in Genomics. We envision using cutting edge big data approaches along with machine learning algorithms to delve deeper into the understanding of the human genome and develop novel solutions to drug discovery.

At Leucine Rich Bio we have in-depth knowledge on Cancer Genomics, Genetic Conditions caused by Rare Variants and Drug Response. We have collated information on Genetic Variants, Mendelian Inheritance, Genome Wide Association Studies and Pharmacogenomics data. Our in-house curated database (LRB - Human Genome Variation Database) is developed that cross-checks all information with the original scientific literature to ensure data is accurate, clinically relevant and up to date. The database provides functional information, mutation impact on disease, drug response and variant impact on protein structure and functions, with its relevant references. Our pipelines are tailored to accurately generate a report in a clinically relevant time frame. Our proprietary platform AGIS based customized report translates complex genomic data into clinically relevant and actionable biological information. At Leucine Rich Bio we help clinicians appreciate the value of Personalized Medicine. Our in house curated database LRB-HGVD is tailored to provide variant functional information to AGIS.

Our dynamic genome interpretation service provides researchers in pharmaceutical industry and top research labs worldwide with choice of bioinformatics suite to interpret, analyse and act on relevant information derived from ever evolving NGS data.


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