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Leucine Rich Bio is India's first and only Microbiome focused Genomics Based company. While, genomic approaches have gained huge clinical importance allowing us to align towards precision medicine, important uncertainties remain unanswered. The human microbiome, largely recognized as the "Second Genome", while rooted in the principles of genomics, have gained tremendous steam over the past few years. There is a heightened interest among researchers, clinicians and direct consumers in understanding the effects of the microbiome on health and wellness.

India, globally recognized as the Information technology hub, had an exciting opportunity to merge the strengths of information technology with that of life science sector, specifically with respect to genomics. We at Leucine Rich Bio, intend capitalize on this renewed opportunity with microbiome, in its nascent stage, to establish ourselves as a major microbiome based research and clinical solution provider in India. Distinctively, we are growing our expertise in the spectrum of clinical diagnosis through computational analysis of metagenomic and genomic data, eventually delving into the realms of precision medicine. We are committed to pursue the ambitious but achievable objective of penetrating the global microbiome market, through which we sought to understand and deliver clinical resolutions in the setting of human health and wellness.


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